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1.7.3 Transfer and Allocation of Work Between Children's and Young People's Services Teams


  1. Principles
  2. Transfer from Duty Teams (CCU) to Long Term Teams or Specialist Teams
  3. Transfer of cases from Long Term Teams (CCU) to Specialist Teams
  4. Quality Assurance

1. Principles

1.1 No case should transfer between teams unless there is clear agreement between Practice/Team/Unit managers:
  • The transfer is appropriate and meets the child's needs;
  • The date of the transfer;
  • Actions to be completed before transfer.
1.2 Ideally the transferring social worker and receiving social worker should conduct a joint visit to hand over and as an introduction to the new worker to the family.
1.3 The transfer agreement should be recorded on CF21 as an observation under Senior/Manager Decisions.
1.4  The family/child should receive a letter from the transferring social worker explaining who the new social worker will be and when they will take over responsibility.
1.5  No case should remain open and worked within the Child Care Unit (CCU) duty team for longer than 4 months without agreement of the Unit Manager.
1.6 All Transfers should be accompanied by a Care Plan on CF21.
1.7 All cases transferring into a team should be audited by the receiving manager/SSW and any issues rectified with the previous team immediately or at least within two weeks of transfer.

2. Transfer from Duty Teams (CCU) to Long Term Teams or Specialist Team

2.1 Transfers should occur as follows:
  • Children subject to a Child Protection Plan: Immediately after the first conference or at the first core group meeting within 10 workings days of the conference. Where possible the allocated social worker or manager from the long term team should attend the conference/core group meeting;
  • Looked After Children: After the First Review by arrangement between the relevant managers and no later than at the second LAC Review. The receiving team should update the core assessment. Young people who are looked after and 16 should transfer with 4 weeks of their 16th birthday. LCS should attend the review prior to their 16th birthday and agreed the transfer plan;
  • Children In Need (not LAC or CP): within 2 weeks of the core assessment being completed and at most within 4 months of Initial referral. Transfer should happen at a Child in Need Planning meeting. (DCS transfer after the initial assessment).
2.2 Duty Team manager/admin should record all cases awaiting transfer as an activity on CF21 and review them weekly with receiving managers.
2.3 Any decisions/communications about case transfer should be recorded as an observation on ICS as a Senior/Manager decision.

3. Transfer of cases from Long Term Teams (CCU) to Specialist Teams

3.1 The Transfer arrangements should be discussed and agreed in a core group meeting/CIN meeting or at a LAC review.
3.2 The reason for transfer should be carefully noted on the child's records.
3.3 Case should transfer as follows:
  • Child Protection cases: Immediately after the conference or at the first core group meeting within 10 working days of the conference;
  • LAC: At a review or within 2 weeks of the review or to LCS when the young person is 16;
  • CIN: When the core assessment is completed and at or after a CIN meeting.

4. Quality Assurance

4.1 Unit/Team managers need to review all cases held in duty beyond 5 months.
4.2 Unit managers need to audit a random sample of transfer cases on a regular basis.
4.3  Knowledge Management to report to HOS any case being held in duty teams beyond 6 months.