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BexleyChildren's Services Procedures Manual

Social Care Quality Assurance Framework


This chapter aims to describe the process whereby Bexley seeks to understand how effectively Children's Social Care is delivering services to keep children safe, promote positive outcomes and identify where improvements should be focused. It reflects the Signs of Safety model that Bexley employ and describes the quality assurance method and the audit process within this. The audit tool explores 4 key areas of practice to identify that standards are being achieved in practice as well as establishing 'what good looks like' through the stages of a referral. A flow chart describes the audit and moderation process.


This chapter has been updated in October 2018 by adding Case Audit Moderation Guidelines, (which seeks to provide a framework for Social Care Quality Assurance Framework. See Appendix 1: Case Audit and Moderation) and Delegate Case File Audit Actions, (which provides detail action with respect to the electronic recording system of the audit process).